What are the different categories of tourism that exist?

There is a wide range of tourism practised all over the world. Some are ahead of others; still, there is a multitude. To say « I’m going on a tourism trip » would be vague after reading this article. Especially since each tourism is characterised by its purpose.

Tourisms: cultural, urban, rural and mountains

Each of these tourism is characterised by a specific purpose. Thus, cultural tourism consists of a trip that aims to discover the endogenous cultures, realities and specialities of a particular region. Urban tourism revolves around the cities of the regions to be visited. In this case, the tourist seeks to discover extraordinary buildings, exceptional roads and unseen railways. Rural tourism includes visits to amusement parks, zoos, forests and national parks. Mountain tourism, on the other hand, covers all activities in mountainous areas. The following activities can be distinguished: hiking, rafting, trekking. We can see there that each type of tourism is specified in this or that thing.

Tourism: gastronomic, blue, luxury

Gastronomic tourism as the name suggests is interested in the discovery of food, main dishes, desserts of new localities. The discovery of new meals is the sole focus of a gastronomic trip. Blue tourism, also known as seaside tourism, is identified with the exploration of new maritime regions, the discovery of new lakes, rivers, etc. On the other hand, luxury tourism highlights the exploration of hotels, flats, luxurious transportation as well as food and activities reserved for a small layer of people.

Medical and beauty tourism

The former (medical tourism) aims at getting quality or medium-priced treatments in foreign countries while the latter is interested in aesthetics and thus beauty treatments to new remedies against ultraviolet rays, pimples…
In addition, we can mention the spiritual, sustainable and adventure tourism. It is therefore up to the tourist to choose the tourism that best suits him or her and to go on an adventure.

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