Travelling to Benin: Places to Visit

Benin is a great tourist destination that is not often noticed due to the underdevelopment of the country. However, the country has innumerable assets that could attract the attention of more than one tourist if they are well developed. Discover the tourist places that constitute the tourist assets of Benin to explore at any cost.

Benin’s royal palaces and its historical museums

The country’s royal palaces are numerous and distinguished in many cities of the country, and this according to the history of the latter. Thus, one can distinguish the royal palaces of the city of Abomey which relate the history of twelve (12) of the most powerful sovereigns in the history of Benin including the famous King BEHANZIN. One can also mention the royal palace HONMÈ in the capital of the country, PORTO-NOVO. The country also has the ex-Portuguese fort now called the historical museum of the historical city of Ouidah; the museum of Porto-Novo qualified as ethnographic, this museum which preserves the relics of the various ethnic groups that lived during the history of Benin.

Cultural Festivals

On a trip to Benin, you’re not likely to get bored. This country is among the most festive in the world. Almost every month of the year there are cultural events. In Ouidah, the PYTHON temple offers entertainment and various games with these generally harmless and well-guarded reptiles. Also in the south of the country, the Zangbeto culture, which is one of the oldest cultural practices in the country’s history, can be witnessed. On the other hand, when you move towards the centre of Benin, you have the opportunity to participate in the VODOUN festival, every 10th January. This festival involves various cultural festivals, the most interesting of which is the « dance of the ghosts ». It is ideal for the stars of the endogenous cultures. Moreover, for fans of gastronomy, the town of SAVALOU located in the centre of the country celebrates the yam festival every 15 August. Crushed yam accompanied by peanut sauce is the speciality of the locality. The Gaani festival for fans of hunters and the national parks are located in the north of the country.
These different tourist places are only a small part of the country’s tourist potential, not to mention the Songhai centre of SAVALOU and the beach of Cotonou, which must be visited. Benin is an excellent destination for tourists thanks to the various tourist assets it has.