The Positive and Negative Impacts of tourism

Tourist travel is a tempting and interesting adventure for the tourist. However, it has a more serious impact on tourist areas, both positively and negatively. It is therefore important to consider the parameters of each region before travelling there so as not to experience disappointment let alone damage any particular area.

The Importance of Tourism

For any given region, tourism is especially important economically. It has been shown that tourism alone constitutes about 5% of the world’s GDP. This is not insignificant given that it is on a global level. However, this is not the only benefit of tourism. It also creates employment opportunities such as tour guides, hotel agents, bartenders, waiters and waitresses in bars and hotels. It also affects the environment and infrastructure. It also affects the environment and infrastructure, in the sense that it promotes the development of road and hotel infrastructure and the conservation and maintenance of tourist sites. In addition to this, there is the development of regions that attract tourists.

The Consequences of Tourism

Tourism does not have only advantages. Its disadvantages are many and distinguished. The cultures of a locality can be threatened by tourism. Most travellers show no respect for endogenous cultures. Others go so far as to disrespect the inhabitants of tourist areas. A region overpopulated by tourists is inevitably confronted with pollution of its land, depletion of its forest due to camping and fire, erosion, etc. Furthermore, investments are sometimes unbalanced by tourism. In the sense that the tourist areas of a country are much more taken into account by the government than the others. In the long term, this jeopardises life in these regions, and we see famine and constant disease.
With so many disadvantages, is the tourism in question worth it? The answer lies in its advantages.